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Elimination communication

April 29, 2012

So I planned to just talk about the transition to solid foods in this blog and then we hit another cool milestone last night. Gabe stayed dry all night because when he needed to pee he squirmed enough for me to notice, grab the little potty from next to the bed, and put him on it in bed. He peed 5 times in a 10 hour period but it only takes a second to potty him and then lay backdown, start nursing, and soon he is out again. He wore semi-waterproof underwear all night which he has been doing a few weeks now (on top of a prefold cloth diaper in case he pees), and most nights he pees above or twice and I have a stash of these next to the bed. Does this all sound crazy since he is not quite 6 months old?! it’s called “natural infant hygiene” or “elimination communication” and you can read more at “”. I was skeptical too, but at 11 weeks old, he popped in his potty and I was hooked! He has been pretty much out of diapers for a month now (wears little training pants that catch one pee, with little waterproof covers that I made for when we go out) . since we started, he only poops (not in the potty), about once a week and (in the potty) 3 or 4 times a day. With a 95 percent catch rate, I figured it’s not that much worse to clean poop out of little underwear than cloth diapers, and much more comfy for him. He went 16 days without a poop miss once! I’d say we catch about 50 percent of daytime pees now. By the way, you can’t really call it ‘potty training’ because I havent really trained him to do anything, he has trained me to learn his cues about when he has to go. All babies have cues from birth, but we never know to look. Other cultures (half the world does it in a similar fashion and half the world’s babies are toilet trained by 12 months!) after 6 months using diapers to eliminate, the baby had mostly lost the ability to know when he has to go (we’ve trained them to ignore this urge) and it is far more difficult to start the process after about 6 months of age, and have to untrain toddlers when conventional potty training begins. I wish more American mama’s knew about this! The books “the other baby book”, “beyond the sling” (by the actress who played blossom), “diaper free baby” and “diaper free: the gentle art of natural infant hygiene” are all great resources.






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  1. Yay Gabe! Thanks for letting us borrow the book!

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