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Baby led solids

May 5, 2012

Also called baby led weaning, we started gabe with baby led solids on Monday and today is Friday and it’s been great!

Monday he ate broccoli (steamed)


Tuesday he had avocado and watermelon (seedless ofcourse). He preferred the avocado probably because it was softer, although it is slippery! He didn’t get too frustrated and did really good at getting it into his mouth. For the first month or two of this process, babies might not actually swallow any of the food, but they get to taste and play with it, and learn how to chew.


Wednesday morning, gabe had banana! It’s easiest for babies to hold if you leave it in its peel and just remove the tip of the peel. Plus, this way they can’t bite off a big chunk! He seemed to like it.


Wednesday afternoon, we went to the
Chinese buffet for lunch with Maddie and Brandon and he had his first out to eat meal! He tried white rice, cantaloupe, honeydew, and a piece of broccoli! He did good with the rice actually. I was impressed!


Thursday, gabe had no food because he had his 6 month checkup and shots. Definitely not in a fun mood!

Today, after a day of still feeling yucky cause of his shots, we waited until dinner and gave him mango! He loved it! I think he did the best so far! He even managed to get a bunch of the flesh from the skin and I do believe he ingested some mango šŸ™‚


I’m so glad I discovered baby led solids, and even our pediatrician thinks its great! So much more fun and natural than mush and purees! More to come! First week was a success!


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