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Baby items I could and could not live without

June 5, 2012

Baby things I couldn’t live without, favorites first

Ergo baby structured carrier! Best invention ever!


Moby wrap (for a newborn)


Magic bumpers (for cosleeping so baby can’t roll off, but work wonders for back support while nursing on your side in bed)

Prince lionhearted cloth wipe warmer along with the cheapest baby washcloths you can get

Bum genius cloth pocket diapers (20)



Bath sponge


Cuddly baby swing


That’s about it!

Now for things I wish I could go back and not spend the money on:

Infant car seat, extra base, and Thing that turns it into a stroller:
He outgrew the seat at 3 months and we replaced it with one that is good from newborn to 100 pounds. It’s all we really needed! And the ergo wrap is really all I use vs a stroller, although our jogging stroller is super awesome so I use it for walks around the neighborhood.

Pack and play: the only thing I used was the changing table part which was helpfull to have downstairs but totally not a must have

Crib: it is sooooo cute in his room and I put him in it to play sometimes, but he has never slept in it

Glider (rocker)
It also looks cute in the nursery but I really didn’t use since he nurses in our bed

Baby bullet baby food system:
We are doing baby led solids so there is no need to purée anything. Woopsy!


If I knew then what I know now, I would have waited on getting all this must have baby equipment and definitely waited on clothes since I rarely use sleepers or onesies or most pants and shorts with elastic waists since they seem to bother him.


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