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Baby items I could and could not live without

Baby things I couldn’t live without, favorites first

Ergo baby structured carrier! Best invention ever!


Moby wrap (for a newborn)


Magic bumpers (for cosleeping so baby can’t roll off, but work wonders for back support while nursing on your side in bed)

Prince lionhearted cloth wipe warmer along with the cheapest baby washcloths you can get

Bum genius cloth pocket diapers (20)



Bath sponge


Cuddly baby swing


That’s about it!

Now for things I wish I could go back and not spend the money on:

Infant car seat, extra base, and Thing that turns it into a stroller:
He outgrew the seat at 3 months and we replaced it with one that is good from newborn to 100 pounds. It’s all we really needed! And the ergo wrap is really all I use vs a stroller, although our jogging stroller is super awesome so I use it for walks around the neighborhood.

Pack and play: the only thing I used was the changing table part which was helpfull to have downstairs but totally not a must have

Crib: it is sooooo cute in his room and I put him in it to play sometimes, but he has never slept in it

Glider (rocker)
It also looks cute in the nursery but I really didn’t use since he nurses in our bed

Baby bullet baby food system:
We are doing baby led solids so there is no need to purée anything. Woopsy!


If I knew then what I know now, I would have waited on getting all this must have baby equipment and definitely waited on clothes since I rarely use sleepers or onesies or most pants and shorts with elastic waists since they seem to bother him.


Baby led solids

Also called baby led weaning, we started gabe with baby led solids on Monday and today is Friday and it’s been great!

Monday he ate broccoli (steamed)


Tuesday he had avocado and watermelon (seedless ofcourse). He preferred the avocado probably because it was softer, although it is slippery! He didn’t get too frustrated and did really good at getting it into his mouth. For the first month or two of this process, babies might not actually swallow any of the food, but they get to taste and play with it, and learn how to chew.


Wednesday morning, gabe had banana! It’s easiest for babies to hold if you leave it in its peel and just remove the tip of the peel. Plus, this way they can’t bite off a big chunk! He seemed to like it.


Wednesday afternoon, we went to the
Chinese buffet for lunch with Maddie and Brandon and he had his first out to eat meal! He tried white rice, cantaloupe, honeydew, and a piece of broccoli! He did good with the rice actually. I was impressed!


Thursday, gabe had no food because he had his 6 month checkup and shots. Definitely not in a fun mood!

Today, after a day of still feeling yucky cause of his shots, we waited until dinner and gave him mango! He loved it! I think he did the best so far! He even managed to get a bunch of the flesh from the skin and I do believe he ingested some mango 🙂


I’m so glad I discovered baby led solids, and even our pediatrician thinks its great! So much more fun and natural than mush and purees! More to come! First week was a success!

Dry trip to Walmart

So gabe and I went to Walmart for groceries and were gone just about hour. He peed right before we left the house and usually pees about every 45 min. He was wearing training pants that hold a pee (sorta) and I had a back up pair in the pocket of my ergo baby carrier. When we go out I use the carrier mostly rather than his stroller, he is attached to me this way and seems to be happiest. Also the way he sits, he is straddling my stomach so if he does pee, I know immediately, as does my shirt, but it’s all part of the deal. Then I can change his pants immediately so he never has to sit in pee for more than a few seconds. Anyway, we had been in Walmart for about 30 min so I took him to the bathroom to see if he would pee (he has never peed in a public toilet even though I’ve tried 4 times now, and he will pee in the ones at home sometimes without his toilet insert thingy to sit on. To do this, I hold him facing the toilet with the seat up and his thighs in my hands and aim and make a “pssssss” sound and sometimes he goes. No go this time. So 20 more minutes in Walmart and I tried again. No go. It had been almost an hour since he had peed at home, so I kept shopping knowing I would be peed on anytime and have to drive home with a damp shirt. Finished up shopping, checked out, still dry! Walked to the truck (which I have been parking on the side of stores so no one can really see) and sat in the truck, put him in position and opened the door, made the cue, and he peed right out the door onto the pavement. So he seems to pee every time I cue him while we are outside. If I think he needs to go at home and he doesn’t go on the potty, we go outside in the backyard and he goes almost every time! It must be instinct for humans to know to urinate outdoors in nature (or Walmart parking lot). Pretty cool, but I hope he starts liking public restrooms because I don’t know if I can always be so sneaky and pee him out the truck door! If this is the first entry you’ve read and don’t know about elimination communication, check out for more info on the process! Gabe is 6 months this Thursday and rarely wears diapers anymore at all, and many families are raising babies diaper free from birth!



Gabe in the ergo baby carrier with aunt Ashley a few weeks ago!

Gabe vs broccoli

Ok I had planned on waiting until Friday, but couldn’t wait so I steamed a piece of broccoli and let gabe have it. We are following the baby led weaning method of introducing solids. There is a ton of info online about it. So gabe put the Broccoli into his mouth immediately and seemed to like it. Just sucked the liquid from it mostly, I doubt he injested any, but they say the first couple months are mostly just for exploring foods and they won’t actually have much nutritional benefit yet, which he is fine getting from breastmilk.




Finally mobile “sorta”

Yesterday, out of the blue, Gabe started moving backwards on his big play mat. It’s a slow backwards scoot thing. So cool! And he is turning in a circle too, all of this happening when he is on his tummy. I can tell he wants to crawl so bad!




Elimination communication

So I planned to just talk about the transition to solid foods in this blog and then we hit another cool milestone last night. Gabe stayed dry all night because when he needed to pee he squirmed enough for me to notice, grab the little potty from next to the bed, and put him on it in bed. He peed 5 times in a 10 hour period but it only takes a second to potty him and then lay backdown, start nursing, and soon he is out again. He wore semi-waterproof underwear all night which he has been doing a few weeks now (on top of a prefold cloth diaper in case he pees), and most nights he pees above or twice and I have a stash of these next to the bed. Does this all sound crazy since he is not quite 6 months old?! it’s called “natural infant hygiene” or “elimination communication” and you can read more at “”. I was skeptical too, but at 11 weeks old, he popped in his potty and I was hooked! He has been pretty much out of diapers for a month now (wears little training pants that catch one pee, with little waterproof covers that I made for when we go out) . since we started, he only poops (not in the potty), about once a week and (in the potty) 3 or 4 times a day. With a 95 percent catch rate, I figured it’s not that much worse to clean poop out of little underwear than cloth diapers, and much more comfy for him. He went 16 days without a poop miss once! I’d say we catch about 50 percent of daytime pees now. By the way, you can’t really call it ‘potty training’ because I havent really trained him to do anything, he has trained me to learn his cues about when he has to go. All babies have cues from birth, but we never know to look. Other cultures (half the world does it in a similar fashion and half the world’s babies are toilet trained by 12 months!) after 6 months using diapers to eliminate, the baby had mostly lost the ability to know when he has to go (we’ve trained them to ignore this urge) and it is far more difficult to start the process after about 6 months of age, and have to untrain toddlers when conventional potty training begins. I wish more American mama’s knew about this! The books “the other baby book”, “beyond the sling” (by the actress who played blossom), “diaper free baby” and “diaper free: the gentle art of natural infant hygiene” are all great resources.





5 days until solids!

In 5 days, gabe will be 6 months old (can you believe it!) and we will begin the journey of baby led weaning! So far he has only existed on breastmilk and yesterday he did grab a piece of tofu from my pad Thai and stick it straight into his mouth. That’s a pretty cool first food! I can’t wait to post pictures and videos on here starting on Friday! Thursday is his 6 month bday but he gets his shots that day so we will wait till 6 months 1 day to begin.